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BIDAMI Authentication

BIDAMI uses the finest authenticators in the industry. We understand that true authenticity is as important to our customers as it is for the well being of our entire industry. Therefore we strive not only to have the best in the business authenticating our memorabilia, but also to have the most experience possible in our team of authenticators to always ensure our customers satisfaction.

Standards and Criteria

Each item is examined and handled by our team of experts. First, we have our team sift out any lightly-used or game-issued jerseys. Second, the appropriate authenticator is consulted to examine the jerseys and/or equipment based on their expertise and knowledge in that particular sport. Third, the jersey or equipment must display evidence of acceptable use or have player/team provenance.

If any item is questionable it will be rejected regardless of any prior authentication, excluding team or player's paperwork. Team paperwork means that the team logo appears on the letterhead. If an item is signed "game-used" by the player, or if a letter is signed by the player, then it is given to PSA/DNA to authenticate the handwriting. Any item listed in BIDAMI’s catalogs has met the utmost standard of validity and has received the endorsement of "100% Authentic".

Our Authenticators


Although items may come with Mears paperwork, 100% Authentic still must review items. The uniform grading system can be confusing to the customers. We have not used Dave Bushing or contracted Mears for any authentication services for the past 3 years

PSA Bats-John Taube Auction Letter

As a die-hard Yankee fan, John Taube started his collecting days with baseball cards. In fact, during his annual excursion to spring training, a deal with a bat boy initiated his bat interest. Taube traded cards for a few game used bats. He was hooked. He held in his hand real memorabilia that was directly linked to the players. Naturally, Taube lost interest in card collecting.

Through the years, this New Jersey native's allure and appreciation of game used bats lead him to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to feed his collecting habit. After twenty years, his expertise on physical attributes of game use and bat dating have pinned him as one of the world's leading experts. His most memorable authentication is a side written Babe Ruth game used bat with 11 home run notches. As any other bat, this one in particular had some history behind it. It was used by Ruth in the late '20s, cracked, and then returned to Hillerich & Bradsby!

Ultimately, Taube's part time hobby became a full time interest in March 2002. Taube, in conjunction with Vince Malta, is leading the way to standardizing bat authentication in the sports collectibles industry. Together, they have an ongoing commitment to expand the existing knowledge of game used bats.

Team Stamping

When Team Stamping is present on a jersey, this will qualify as authenticity for the jersey and no letter will be issue.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

An auction house letter is the standard certification provided by PSA/DNA, which is upgradeable to their full authentication letter for a nominal fee. Please go to for pricing and full details.
PSA/DNA is the world's leading third party autograph authentication company. Using state of the art technology, PSA/DNA created a four-level security system to prevent counterfeiting, forgery and piracy of high-value collectibles. In fact, PSA/DNA has been used to authenticate many historically significant sports items that include: Shoeless Joe Jackson's Bat, Super Bowl Game-Used footballs since 1999, 1999 World Series Baseballs and Bases, Mark McGwire's 1998 70th Home Run Baseball, and the list goes on.

PSA/DNA not only authenticates autographs/events witnessed in the presence, but also previously signed memorabilia. Our years of expertise and knowledge in the trade have established an impeccable reputation for providing professional, unbiased, expert opinions. In addition to grading and authenticating autographed baseballs and other memorabilia, we also offer Professional Bat Authentication and Grading using the same state of the art technology

PSA-DNA Pre-Certified

Beginning 3-01-09 going forward, all signed items although authenticated by PSA/DNA will NOT come with an auction house letter, but rather will be deemed as “PRE-CERTIFIED”.    The unique ID of the signed memorabilia is on file with both PSA/DNA and BIDAMI.  Psa/Dna has examined each and every one of the Pre-certified items and their authentication process has remained unchanged.  Further information explaining the process has been provided for by PSA/DNA by going to  The pre-certified items can be upgraded to a FULL certification by submitting it to PSA/DNA within 60 days with copy of bill of sale for a discounted fee.

Autographs - Authentication


Autographs - JSA Authentication

For 3 generations James Spence has been exposed to more autographs than any other in the hobby. Experiencing celebrity signers firsthand and gaining the invaluable experience of witnessing signing habits Spence has proven this to be instrumental in his profession. Spence also has a Certificate in Forensic Document Examination.

Please view on guidelines.

Game Used Memorabilia - 100% Authentic Team

BIDAMI reserves the right to refuse any item that comes from any authentication company. BIDAMI will have the final say if an item will go into auction. This determination will be based on information obtained on each item during the examination of the items by the qualified experts. Grading is very confusing. Game-used items are either game-used, game-issued, or unauthentic. BIDAMI does not accept any items that are authenticated A5 or below. 100% Authentic opinion is not based on only one experts opinion, but rather is a compilation of information through various sources and experts.

Game Worn Hockey Jerseys & Equipment - Milton Byron's Hockeyland

Milton Byron is the owner of Byron’s Hockeyland and has been collecting and playing hockey since he was a kid. He has had thousands of Game Worn jerseys making him the most recognized expert in the sports collectibles industry for authenticating GAME WORN hockey jerseys.

Milton also has been written up in many magazine and newspaper articles on collecting Hockey jerseys and has been on several radio and TV sports shows.

Game Worn Hockey Memorabilia - Rich Ellis

Rich Ellis, a long time game worn jersey collector with over 29 years of experience, started in 1999 to catalog all of the versions of every team jersey ever made (an ambitious goal!). Rich's current site is The Spirit of the Game

Rich graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management. Rich purchased his first game worn jersey in the summer of 1976, and has been in the hobby ever since. Rich has been to countless shows all across North America and has seen thousands upon thousands of jerseys.

Rich also worked for one of the leading auction houses in North America, he was the director of hockey acquisitions for in 2003. Rich has also been a member of the Society for International Hockey Research since 2004. He authenticates hockey memorabilia for the following major auction houses, Broadway Rick's Strikezone, Geppis Road show , BIDAMI. Rich has also helped and on authentications.

Music and Celebrity Signtures - Autograph Pros

-Our items can be accepted and found at every major auction house in the world. In addition our autographs are all guaranteed to pass any of the top major authenticator’s inspection.
-Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is a UNIVERSAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS CLUB Registered Dealer. That means our Certificate Of Authenticity is as good as it gets and of the most respected in the industry. The Registered Dealer program is not just some pay for membership program. With less than 300 members worldwide accepted into this elite group of autograph dealers, each member’s inventory is well policed and scrutinized to ensure only 100% authentic autographs are sold. In addition there is a strict CODE OF ETHICS which we are required to abide by.
-Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is also an Accredited BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU member with a lifetime A+ rating.
-Our charity page carries countless references of our organization so please have a look there as well.

Photography - PSA Photos

PSA/DNA Marshal Fogel and Henry Yee determine photo types, dates and authentictiy of vintage photos.


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